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(NOTE: How to use the most efficient “set it and forget it” way to achieve Soul Mastery and Get LIVE Training with the Worldclass Teachers and Learn How to Do all fo this Without Hours of Content Ready And Waiting, and the Best can Get PAID for your knowledge, time, experience, and story.)
This Limited Time Offer Includes...
The crown jewel of the Soul Mastery for Success Products which includes bonus one-on-one sessions, and a weekly Facebook mastermind that provides proven strategies to focus on the clarity, discipline, consistency, and direction to have a successful business as an entrepreneur and peace, purpose, and fulfillment in your personal life.

Set your path to Soul Mastery once, and get freedom and fulfillment (as much as you want), over and over again.

  • 8 Week LIVE and online training
  • Weekly live calls
  • In-depth mindset training for winning beforehand
  • Ticket to our mindblowing LIVE event
  • Mind Power for Success strategies
Offer #1:  8-Week Live Course
Guess what? You can actually get paid to live soul mastery and create your products, and a great business. Not after creating your dream - before. When you use the SMS Zero Risk Mind Power Creation Formula, also known as the “live biofeed model” you manufacture it once and you benefit forever! 

Plus, we’ll show you how to duplicate the process with no list and no product. Imagine starting with nothing and getting paid to create a business you love with your product. This will eliminate costly trial and errors and gets you to the cash fast.
  •  How to Create a Mindset that Succeeds Over and Over Again
  •  The one and ONLY way to Perfectly Price any product. (NOTE: without this, you’ll leave massive amounts of money on the table).
  •  How to create an IRRESISTIBLE magnetism that brings results and prospects in (by their hearts) and compels them to buy.
  •  Ethical Marketing Persuasion and Influence strategies that will help you sell more and help more people with your message.
  •  FINALLY, you’ll discover the 13 KEY Components that must be present on every presentation live or for a webinar. With these, you can get on-demand, passive income.
  •  This module is all about how to actually take action. It shows you the most important points to talk about when it comes to actually creating and selling a masterclass and creating and selling a product.

Offer #2 - Powerful LIVE calls
Weekly calls in a private mastermind group with live Q and A .We will build a landing page for you using proprietary software including world-class marketing and messaging to help you generate leads and potential new customers to grow your business. Providing tips and strategies on how to take your business to a million dollar brand. We will hold your hand in a supportive environment to get you through your challenges.
  •  How to structure your product for maximum revenue and minimum refunds.
  •  Key product design elements that are a MUST HAVE in any online product.
  •  How (and when) to build your team: a personal assistant, a project manager, a business manager, a designer, a web developer, a techie, a shopping cart supervisor, a marketing assistant, and a bookkeeper.
  • to create software systems that can replace all (or most) of the above.
  •  How to get (and find) other people to do the work for you.
Offer #3 - Using Teleseminar/webinars
One way can take years and cost you tens of thousands of dollars. 

The other way takes a few days and makes you money.

Which one do you think we’re teaching in Module 3?!

You got that right. In this module, we’ll show you how to quickly and easily create products and get paid doing it. 
  •  How to set up a home or office studio that looks and sounds great - without breaking the bank.
  •  The insider secrets for teaching modules that get more traction and action. In other words, your customers will use your strategies and tell their friends too!
  •  How to create membership sites that provide passive revenue streams...and are easy to implement too!
  •  Interviewing tips on how to look great on camera and ask great questions.
  •  The Secret to OPM - How to get smart people to share their mindset with you - for free!

STEP #4 - One-of-a-Kind Never-Before-Seen LIVE Event
This module is about how to build relationships that can make money in alignment with your true Self. At this point you've created a great offer, you've got your order form, you've created a great presentation. You've also put together your video content, and now you’ve got to market your product.

Now it’s time to get it in front of people and start getting RESULTS.

It also means you’ll have something scalable and replicable - a product that sells itself without time-consuming joint venture affiliate partnerships or launches. And you can get started now...even if you don’t have a list or following because your product can build your list for you.

This can work for any business in any niche in the world.

PLUS, we’ll “open the kimono” and break down our most lucrative sales funnels step-by-step. 
  •  How to Turn Digital Products into Physical Products and Increase Your Profits (and Credibility)
  •  Live Event Marketing & Fulfillment - how to create, fill, and profit from your own events and seminar. Plus, we’ll show you how to structure an event to create the maximum opportunity to build life-long customers.
  •  Big Ticket Offerings - you’ll find out how to structure and sell programs from $5,000 to $70,000.
  •  PLUS, we’ll show you a seamless way to discuss price and get more people to take action.
Bonus Consultation with the Author!
With a Free Trial of the Quantum Reset Program and Exclusive Use of Our Custom Techniques! 
Do you want to have success and tranquility with communication over and over for the same amount of energy, expertise, and stories? If so, there is nothing (and I mean nothing) like memberships sites. With a well-crafted membership site, you’ll have an automated way to make money and deliver your product without you having to be there. And membership sites build community too. That way, your customers start doing the coaching for you!

This is the only system you need to start or run a business online that takes 30 minutes to learn. PLUS, you’ll get our custom theme (which cost us thousands of dollars to build) completely free.
The Soul Mastery for Success Guide
If you learn and retain better by listening, reading or doing, we’ve got you covered!

Follow Up Transcription
A well-organized, easy to follow pdf that has word-for-word transcripts and outlines from the entire training.

Action Book
Detailed notes about each module, plus fun, fill-in-the-blanks worksheets you can to take notes with while watching the course or use to test yourself after.   

MP3 Audio's of All Modules
Download and take the audio files with you on any mp3 player.  

Build It!
Everything you need to run a seamless, successful product business written for you including...
  •  Product Outlines - so you can see how we create our products and model them.
  •  Showflow Templates - how we structure our events for maximum engagement and action.
  •  Sales Funnel Email Campaigns - all of our event emails done and written for you!
  •  Order Forms - our live sales forms you can copy and paste for your own offers.
  •  We even include some things like a Non-Disclosure Agreement and Individual Attendee Consent and Release Form so you can see what we’re using and model it.
  • PLUS - Keynote and PowerPoint Templates for everything so you don’t have to start from scratch.
Check It Off! Keep Track of Your Progress With the Cosmic Accounting Blueprint!
With the “Check It Off” Checklists you won’t miss a thing and you won’t miss a beat. We’ve got you covered on everything from marketing to product creation to branding to sales to live events. Just download the checklist and get‘er done!
Actions Steps Simplified
Have you ever wondered how to perfectly price your product? With the Price Calculator, we have you covered. You’ll know with near 100% certainty the starting point for every product, event, and masterclass.
SoulinarJam and EverSoulinar Training with Jon Eastman and Kenny Nguyen!
And… As if this could get ANY better... You'll learn how to best use SoulinarJam and EverSoulinar in your business from the architect of the program himself, Jon Eastman! Jon will walk you through how to get the most out of SoulinarJam and EverSoulinar. Buckle Up!

Plus 2 Months Access For Free!
You'll have access to the #1 Automated Soulinar Platform on the Market, Webinar Jam and EverWebinar! These tools allows you to automate your business to simulate live events so you can make more (without having to be there). 
We’ll give you our best marketing funnels that you can simply click and create. Seriously, why start from scratch when you can simply copy what works and make it your own. (NOTE - this bonus alone is worth the entire investment in this course). Gather leads and convert new customers using drag-and-click technology your grandmother could use (it’s that easy). 

Lisa Sasevich

Lisa Sasevich The Queen of Sales Conversions, $40M in Sales, with Jon, Indeara, and Raj Eastman, Co-founder, Soul Mastery for Success and Meaningful Wealthy Lifestyle

Bob Circosta

Bob Circosta, Billionaire Founder Home Shopping Network with Indeara Eastman, Co-founder, Soul Mastery for Success and
Meaningful Wealthy Lifestyle

Bob Proctor

Bob Proctor with Indeara Eastman,
Co-founder, Soul Mastery for Success and Meaningful Wealthy Lifestyle

Pam Hendrickson

Pam Hendrickson Tony Robbins' VP of Product Creation with Indeara Eastman,
Co-founder, Soul Mastery for Success and Meaningful Wealthy Lifestyle
3 of Indeara's #1 Bestselling Books and Video Training!
How to Be A Video Interview Pro Training
Soul Phone
Soul Mastery for Profit Version 2.0
How to release blocks permanently that have been nagging and slowing you down for years with one session! 

Most people strugglw through life because they don't have a clear interpretation of their challenges, they don't use clear thinking, and that's exactly why they haven't clarified their goals. Within the magic of these pages, clarity is near, and it will change your outlook forever.
A-CRAZY-Awesome-Implementer-Get-Coached-with-Indeara BONUS
(LIVE, In-Studio, Small Group Training)
You get an exclusive invite to come into our Soul Mastery for Success studios here in Sedona, AZ to work with us in a very intimate, small-group session.

As soon as you join Soul Mastery for Success Live, you’ll be sent a link to register for an in-studio coaching day from a list of available dates.

You pick a date that works for you and come to work with Indeara and her team.
It’s one part training, one part implementation, one part coaching.

Indeara and her team will be with you the whole time. 

It’s not like other trainings - they don’t just say hello in the first hour and then disappear.

They'll be here to work with you, show you what’s working, help refine your ideas, and maybe even make connections and introductions.

Here are some of the “what’s working now” topics and demonstrations that Indeara might cover (you get to determine what areas of focus we’ll work on):
  • How to unleash your mind power
  •  How to use worldclass strategies to build a wildly successful business
  •  Magnetic Transparent Messaging
  •  Facebook marketing
  •  Speaking & selling
  •  Pitching & closing
  •  Coaching and masterminding
  •  How to do your own events to make more sales
  •  Facebook Live, and webinars
  •  Interviewing strategies
  •  Celebrity branding strategies
  •  Product creation
  •  Publicity
  •  Book publishing
  •  Marketing automation
  •  Outsourcing
  •   How to set up a studio
  •  Making A Meaningful Impact
  •  And much more!
This bonus alone is worth WAY more than the whole system combined.

Past live events sell for $5,000 or more.

A private call with Indeara currently sells for $1,000 per call.

But You Must Register NOW because this bonus is Limited!
(HURRY-we are almost sold out).

At this LIVE event we will be going over a handful of the best strategies from our signature programs including:

Mind Power for Success
The ultimate program for a mindset shift, for freedom with time and money through releasing limiting beliefs and blocks.

Soul Mastery for Success
Create a leveraged business, for freedom with time and money to make a bigger impact in the world.

Business Mastery for Success
Master your business and be able to succeed in any business creating jobs and opportunity wherever you go.

Marketing Master for Success
Leverage the most powerful way to message, attract and keep ideal customers, and build a personal economy.

Sales Mastery for Success
Master the number one skill to create unlimited possibility, the skill that makes the economy function globally and is at the heart of every decision, the ultimate level of persuasion with sales mastery for success.

Retirement on Demand
Learn advanced money management and investment techniques to create freedom when you choose to be able to retire financially whenever you wish.

Who This Is For:

Are you a fast action taker and are you willing to work hard (about 5-10 hours per week) to build your platform? Would you take personal responsibility for your results in the program? Are you someone who would like to make an impact and difference in the world with charitable and social causes to make our world a better place? Just $997 to get started for a limited time only.
Apply now for a limited time special offer

If you are asking yourself, "is there something more to life?” the answer is yes! Our team can help you find fulfillment and more freedom with your time and money. The question then becomes, “can I have it all, success on both the inside and outside?” Yes you can!

Do you wish there was a better way to keep you motivated day after day for the things that matter the most to you? Now there is. Jon and Indeara Eastman are here to help you live a fulfilled life every step of the way from maximizing your business or career potential to making the most out of your personal life.

Does this sound too good to be true? Rest assured, with Jon and Indeara personally walking your through the 8 Keys to Soul Mastery for Success, it truly isn't. If you're ready to begin your best life now, join now and see how our coaches and advisors are able to put you on a new and enlightening path.

Try It Risk Free!
30-Day Make-MORE-Impact Guarantee
You have 30 days to try everything out. Use the system, the tools, the scripts, the presentations and everything included. If you’re not completely blown away by everything you learn and making getting breakthroughs and making money from the system, just notify us and we will give you a refund.

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